Panel Watts installed716 680 Watt 1232Battery Amp Hrs installed152 954 Ah 1232Vehicle kilometres241 063 km

Mac Sat & Electrical is a South African owned Close Corporation with its office based in Pretoria, South Africa and was founded in 2002. Our services include design, supply, installation, reticulation, repairs and maintenance of all Solar (PV) and Electrical related systems. We focus on low to medium voltage systems.

We are project orientated and have the capability to handle small, medium and large Solar (PV) Power plants.

Mac Sat & Electrical specializes and focuses on Off-grid and remote power solutions. Our infrastructure is set-up in such a way to be able to reach remote locations throughout Africa and beyond by means of four wheel drive vehicles and trucks.

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Reliability is the key word when setting up for these type of remote installations. We are also fully capable to set-up camp in any location by means of converted containers for e.g. offices, workshops, even toilet / shower facilities. The Mac Sat employees are capable to work and operate in all types of weather conditions such as snow, mud, rain, desert or mountains. Our drivers / Technicians attended various off road driving courses and are capable to negotiate difficult road conditions.

A hallmark of our service to date has been the fact that we believe in customer relationships, regular updates and feed back to our clients, throughout our area of operations, giving our clients unprecedented service levels direct from site for up to date project feedback anywhere in Africa.

Our Vision

To be leaders in our field of expertise with strong emphasis on the following:
  • Rendering of a quality service of the highest standard at all times
  • Meeting our client’s individual and personal requirements
  • Providing an opportunity to create labour intensive strategies to create employment
  • Believe in long-term partnerships with our clients as this fosters trust and respect and provides continuity
  • Both our professional and administrative staff are fully committed and dedicated in achieving our goals as set out above