Panel Watts installed716 680 Watt 1232Battery Amp Hrs installed152 954 Ah 1232Vehicle kilometres241 063 km

Our products include a range of components in order to offer clients the best solution. For more information on specific products, please contact us and we will get in touch with you asap.

We focus on the following:
  1. Solar (PV) Electrical
    1. Grid tie
      • Residential
      • Commercial
      • PV Power Plants
    2. Off Grid
      • Remote / Rural
      • Residential
      • Fuel Saver systems
    3. Pre-wired distribution boards for Solar applications
      • DC Distribution boards
      • AC Distribution boards
  2. Solar Water pumping (Grundfoss)
  3. Battery Back-up systems
  4. Generators
  5. Batteries



SMA are currently the largest solar company worldwide. Globally, they are represented in 21 major solar markets by a network of more than 1300 sales and service professionals.

  • SMA Sunny Island - Energy supply in remote regions

A stand-alone system is typically used when there is no public electricity power available. This type of system is fully independent of the power grid and therefore there is no interaction whatsoever with the power grid. The size of the solar array, other system components and the battery reserve capacity is dictated by the electrical usage of the property, the amount of reserve for periods of little or no sun and the climatology of the area. This type of system has no restriction and can be installed practically anywhere. This system is known to be extremely reliable and provides high inrush current capabilities to start pumps, electric motors for Farm equipment, Fridges and Deep freezers and is manufactured in Germany.
  • Sunny Islands
  • Multi Cluster Boxes

  • SMA SunnyBoy

This is the most popular solar system installed in Europe. This system does not have a battery or related battery equipment. It has one function only. It feeds all possible electric power generated by the sun (solar panels) through a mains synchronized high quality sinewave inverter and offsets the power you would normally consume from the electricity company. It slows your electricity meter depending on the time of day, the loads present and the size of the solar system installed. If the system is correctly balanced, it is possible to offset your entire monthly electricity usage and end up not paying anything or just a few Rand to your electricity provider. This is an extremely popular system because there are no batteries to replace and the system costs less than its "grid-interactive" counterpart which has a battery backup bank. For areas where you have stable power and there are only seldom electricity power failures, this is an ideal system. These systems are expandable and available in single phase and three phase applications. They are simple in nature and comprise primarily of solar panels and mains synchronized high quality sinewave inverters with integrated MPPT controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracker to maximize the yield of the solar panels – up to 30% higher yield). If there is no mains present the system will not operate and if you should have a power failure the system will immediately shut down and will automatically restart after the mains returns. This highly intelligent system can provide a great amount of data for example: PV Voltage, PV current, instant power generated, daily yield, etc. This data can be displayed on your computer, iPad, laptop or cell phone via a network or satellite. This grid-tie system is designed and manufactured in Germany and uses the latest up-to-date technology. Germany is the leading country in the world for grid-tie inverter systems.
  • Sunny Boy
  • Sunny Mini Central
  • Sunny Tri Power

Back-up systems
  • SMA Solar Backup

This system is basically a combination of the above two systems and includes a battery bank and additional controls. It can provide power for your own usage directly and it also can provide back-up power during power failures. Depending on the size of this system and the appliances or devices requiring power, it can support an entire home/ business or just the items that are considered the most necessary during power failures. These systems are more expensive because of the battery back-up and the additional controls required in the system. Typically, depending on the amount of battery reserve, these systems can cost up to 50% or more than a comparable Grid-tie system. However, in areas with frequent power failures (as in South Africa), these fully automatic, silent solar powered supply and backup systems are a must. These systems can start at relatively small PV capacity which can be expanded as finances allows, to a fully-fledged solar system making the user totally independent of their power producer. The battery size must be determined at the beginning of installation as it will be difficult to add more or larger batteries in a later stage unless you install a brand new battery bank when you expand the system, as you should not mix old and new batteries. Some of these systems are designed and manufactured in the USA and is known for its reliability and ruggedness and can be installed in basically any harsh environments.
  • Sunny Backup (Small, Medium, Large, X-large)

Fuel saver systems
  • Smart integration of photovoltaics into fossil-fueled power generation with SMA hybrid system technology.

  • 2

    Photovoltaics efficiently complements electricity generators in sunny regions and reduces fuel consumption, thereby significantly reducing overall costs. Solar diesel hybrid systems can ensure a cost-efficient energy supply for locations with limited or no access to the energy grid, thanks to advanced innovations in photovoltaic technology and the exceptionally high quality standards of the global market leader, SMA.

  • In the spotlight: the SMA Fuel Save Controller. The SMA Fuel Save Controller is the central component of the SMA solution for hybrid systems consisting of photovoltaics and fossil-fueled gensets. It ensures the demand-oriented control of the photovoltaic system dependent on the plant’s load and genset characteristics. Thus the gensets operate in a reliable and stable state even with high levels of photovoltaics.

    Together with the SMA Fuel Save Controller, SMA inverters fulfill comprehensive grid management functions within the system. The SMA hybrid system technology is scalable on a modular basis and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the power plant.

    Furthermore, the Fuel Save Controller offers the opportunity to monitor the hybrid system remotely. This assures optimum energy management for the plant operator and guarantees efficient and flexible plant operation.

    Storage batteries can also increase savings potential. Batteries make it possible to use a portion of the PV energy even when solar irradiation levels are low while also supplying a large proportion of the reserve capacity. This lessens the wear and tear on generators thus further reducing maintenance costs.

Monitoring systems and Communication
  • Web Boxes
  • Webconnect & Speedwire Data Modules
  • Sunny Home Manager
  • Cluster Controller
  • Power Control Modules
  • Power Reducer Boxes


  • Multi Plus
  • Quattro
  • Deep cycle batteries


  • SMA


  • Bundu Power
  • Honda
  • Cummins


  • Mounting options and Accessories


  • Victron Deep cycle
  • First National Batteries
  • Hoppecke Batteries
  • Sunlight Batteries


  • GRUNDFOSS solar panels
  • GRUNDFOSS Submersible DC pumps
  • Controllers
  • Accessories