Panel Watts installed716 680 Watt 1232Battery Amp Hrs installed152 954 Ah 1232Vehicle kilometres241 063 km

At Mac Sat & Electrical, we are in a position to provide our clients with products, technical expertise and appropriate skills in the following fields:

  1. Electrical
  2. Solar Power (PV) Electrical
  3. Generators
  4. Battery back-up systems

Our services include the following:

  1. System design
  2. Project management
  3. Delivery to site (off grid / rural areas)
  4. Installation of system
  5. Commissioning
  6. Certification of system includes,
    1. Electrical Certificate of Compliance
    2. Acceptance Report
    3. "As built" drawings
    4. Serial number list of equipment installed
  7. Maintenance of new and old system.
  8. Training
  9. After sales service and technical support


While working in the Solar industry for over 7 years, we noticed that there is a gap in the Solar power (PV) industry. Meaning, there are a lot of Companies selling Solar (PV) products to clients but lacking in expertise and knowledge to properly install the related products. That is where Mac Sat & Electrical offers its services. Below are some points that we experienced through the years for you to take into consideration before appointing just any Solar Contractor.


  1. Poor design of solar system
  2. The use of inadequate equipment and components – e.g. rusting bolts caused by corrosion thus undermining the strength of the metal
  3. Poor cabling work
  4. Inexperienced contractors
  5. Contractors focused on speed rather than quality
  6. Climate and terrain is not taken into consideration. Examples being the variances during rainy seasons around the country (i.e. winter in Lesotho and summer in Botswana) or working in extreme heat and not accounting for adequate hydration.
  7. Geotechnical stability investigations and appropriate structural design must be supplied for installing the equipment so that it does not fall over or move.
  8. Non - compliant mounting practices of solar structures
  9. Working at heights and safety issues
  10. Construction permit compliance being overlooked


  1. The condition of the modules and equipment on delivery
  2. Implementing an appropriate, robust project schedule that allows and accounts for uncertainties and delays (which are unfortunately ever present in developing countries)
  3. Contingency in the business model to cope with time delays and extended forecasts, which include additional and unforeseen expenses
  4. Certification of Compliance of the work within the applicable state laws
  5. Dealing with the risk of delays in the grid connection with regard to Eskom’s existing network
  6. Product related insurance claims
  7. Maintenance of solar, generator system


After every installation, training has to take place in order for the end user to use the system to its optimum potential and to be able to monitor it. Therefore our installers have to attend courses on a regular basis. Courses normally presented by SMA, VICTRON, SOLARWORLD, etc. are a must in order to give the end user as much information possible to operate the system. In some instances, training documents are left on site for future reference. We pride ourselves as SMA and SOLARWORLD installers therefore we have to regularly attend Seminar’s and courses to stay ahead of the changing demand. We also focus on other products such as VICTRON, OUTBACK and FIRST NATIONAL BATTERIES, to name a few and attend training when available.


A good relationship with our suppliers ensure a fast, effective turnaround time wrt defective components.
Keeping some of the most commonly used components and spare parts in our stores lead to a fast turnaround time to our clients.
Our Technicians are on standby and can rapidly deploy once a call has been logged. The response to site time will be discussed during a maintenance contract or otherwise communicated.